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Trevor G. Potter: Buy

Curbside Vacancy CD

Acoustic American folk music from the road and the wrong side of the tracks. Alone and quiet on the back porch, in the smoke and noise of the bar rooms or on the edge of the city streets. Acoustic guitar with an uncommon cross section of instrumentation.
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Trevor G. Potter: Curbside Vacancy

Potter County And Points Far Beyond CD

With traditional folk, country and blues influences, these songs are grown from a landscape of musical styles and regional and cultural expressions which, have taken seed in acoustic soil. Though fertile in tradition they continue in their evolutionary growth. Their acoustic and lyrical roots are based on the places and people that create the images of struggle and sucess, faith and fear, hope and hardship. The organic nature of this type of work doesn't just wither with just a single listening. Through the seasons, it will bring new life and contiue to grow.

Trevor G. Potter: Potter County and Points Far Beyond